Peter Wright - a Liverpool Sailor
How did I become a writer? 

After retiring in 1991 from a job as Marine Surveyor, which occupied most of my waking hours, my wife and I moved to a small cowboy town in Northern California. I soon found out that I was neither a Dude Cowboy nor a farmer, but rather a middle aged sailor out of a job with nothing to do. I bought an early version of the Brother's word processor and joined a local writers group. Write what you know about, they told me. I wrote about my father and mother, about school (I was awarded a certificate of merit from Friends of the Library in Sacramento).

My award encouraged me to write more than half a dozen pages and telephone calls from my kids in England constantly asking what was I doing, sowed the seed of writing my autobiography. It took four years to complete.

Meanwhile I was also writing short stories and articles about ships and the sea - and getting them published.

I love to write. I find that pouring stuff out of my mind onto a piece of paper gives me a great deal of comfort and peace. When I think of finding a safe place, I go to my cubby hole office and start to write.

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